23 January 2007

The writer is former principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs

The writer also happens to be married the daughter (oops!) of the current Vice President (You mean there's a difference between Lynne and Liz?)

· Our soldiers will win if we let them. Read their blogs. Talk to them. They know that free people must fight to defend their freedom. No force on Earth -- especially not an army of terrorists and insurgents -- can defeat our soldiers militarily. American troops will win if we show even one-tenth the courage here at home that they show every day on the battlefield. And by the way, you cannot wish failure on our soldiers' mission and claim, at the same time, to be supporting the troops. It just doesn't compute.

I suppose Hillary Clinton's announcement was a sign of progress. In 2007, a woman can run for president and show the same level of courage and conviction about this war many of her male colleagues have. Steel in the spine? Not so much.

America deserves better. It's time for everyone -- Republicans and Democrats -- to stop trying to find ways for America to quit. Victory is the only option. We must have the fortitude and the courage to do what it takes. In the words of Winston Churchill, we must deserve victory.We must be in it to win.

The writer also happens to be one hundred percent correct. Read the rest for yourself, it will do you good.

But if you take away one thing from her Op-Ed, it should be her repetition of Churchill, WE MUST DESERVE VICTORY.

(the obverse is even more true, the bad guys deserve to lose, repeatedly, completely, and spectacularly)

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