30 January 2007

Speaking of PYTs

Maybe to balance out the geekfest that is the release of Vista today, I've blogged a lot about PYTs.

(and yes, I'm blogging this from a computer with a freshly installed version of Vista Premium, thank you very much, it maybe an OS X wannabe, but I don't care)

By request (from Bill in the comments on this post), I guess I'm compelled to mention that the Queen of YouTube has offered up another one of her brilliant little works for us all to see (way back on Jan 17th, I know, I know, I've been slacking off on my Kat Dennings fan appreciation duties).

Thank you, Kat.

I adore your artistry (and to those who dare doubt the brilliance that is "cheese and cracker", you live in a sad, small, humorless universe that doesn't resemble mine).

Speaking of Kat, her co-star on the short-lived Raising Dad, the filthy, filthy, filthy (he probably deserves a few more filthies than I've given him) Bob Saget directed a direct to DVD parody of March of the Penguins, farcically called, Farce of the Penguins that hit stores this week. I can't vouch for the goodness, or badness of this film, but the array of talent (including Kat Dennings) who lend their voices to this project is astounding. Did I mention that Samuel L. Jackson is the mother^%$^#$ing narrator?

And seriously, to all you folks who do a google search (I seem to get a couple a week) on "Kat Dennings Bra Size" and click on this blog, first, I don't know, I don't care to know, and why do you want to know, anyway?

And, anyway, if I were in a position to know (which I'm most certainly am not), do you think I'd share that information with the likes of you?

(besides, I suspect her sister is more my type, anyway)

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bill said...

Thanks for the Kat link.

Saget is an interesting case. I've never seen his standup, but if you ever saw him do his 2 minutes with Carson/Leno/Letterman (even during the Full House run) it was easy to tell that he went to dark, dark places. Reviewers may have made fun of his squeaky clean Full House image, but I don't recall real comedians making fun of Saget--unlike, say, Carrot Top.

So his turn in the Aristocrats didn't surprise me. Frankly, it was tamer than I expected.