02 December 2006

Purple, Gold, Crimson and Mustard (and I guess Silver and Black while I'm at it)

It's crosstown rivals day in LA.

The big one, USC v UCLA in Pasadena will decide whether or not USC plays for another championship. Don't count UCLA out. But I root for the Trojans (even though I have taken classes at UCLA and like their basketball teams, I've always been a Trojans football fan)

Nothing will ever get me to stop bleeding Purple and Gold, enough said.

And I guess I'll root for the Kings, but as Jack Kent Cooke observed there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians living in Southern California, and all of them are here because they hate Hockey.

Other than a brief time of Gretzky greatness, LA is not a hockey town.

(but the Ducks are awfully good this year)

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