27 December 2006

"Once in a while you see a movie that doesn’t have too many downer scenes until the end when the puppy gets crushed by a bulldozer."

The rest here.

Scott Adams reflecting on his personal taste in films.

He applies a formula to anticipating whether or not a film is worth his time.

I'm always more suspicious of the quality of films that get better than 85% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, when films are that well critically received it's usually for the wrong reasons.

A not entirely unrelated discussion regarding Little Miss Sunshine broke out on Althouse.

There was a time that I sought films that were far more than 25% downer (to use Mr. Adams' formula), but lately not so much. I don't need slapped on happy endings to enjoy a film, but the slapped on horrendous car wreck of an ending is even more insulting and disorienting than the slapped on happy ending.

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