24 December 2006

A Bad Day for Legs

Two famous legs were injured yesterday.

Gov. Schwarzenegger, enjoying a White Christmas in Sun Valley (where a black diamond trail is named after him), had a skiing accident and broke his right femur. Not good, not good at all. Hope you have a speedy recovery Governator, our state needs you in good spirits and not too painkiller addled.

The amazing Yao Ming, who had been having his best NBA season by far, had a non-displaced fracture in his knee during the Rockets' game against the Clippers. Out at least six weeks, even if he's on a team I don't root for, I hate to see good players go down to injuries on freak plays (or any kind of play for that matter). Hopefully he comes back with the same mobility he had before, watching him can be a thing of beauty (but between his injury and McGrady's, that gives hope for better seeding for the Lakers and a spot in the playoffs for the Clippers).

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