20 December 2006

Around the Blogosphere, Again (part one of two)

I've been "around the blogosphere" before, but this time it's different.

Before it was just a way to post something when I couldn't think of anything specific to write.

This time it's something to make sure I keep up my Solstice to Solstice posting streak with only one day left while not having anything specific to write (big difference).

So highlighting recent highlights from my links over on the side, let's start at the top:

Amy Alkon, complains about a whiny Brentwood traffic based complaint from director David O. Russell, I couldn't do it better, so instead of trying, I'll just link.

Althouse, remembers bad toys, really, really bad health threatening toys, I'm old enough, and my parents were trusting enough in my common sense to have many dangerous toys at a young age despite growing up in the 70s instead of the 50s. My favorite was the chemistry set, used to make some sort of strange sulfur based plastic, don't remember what else went in besides sulfur (I could look it up of course, but I'm lazy).

Cathy Seipp, rails against old-fartism from some old fart at the LA Times. As usual she's right.

Pastor Jeff, he doesn't want to be your "go to" source for Benny Hinn hating, but nevertheless he serves up a good dose of skepticism regarding that charlatan.

Defamer, highlights the fight brewing between The Rosie and The Donald. Too bad they both can't lose. But if someone has to lose I'd prefer it be The Rosie.

Scott Adams, goes after Al Qaeda's big heaping steaming pile of #2 and wonders aloud whether or not he's a cubicle dweller at Al Jazeera.

(I'll finish this tour around the blogosphere tomorrow)

(and there will be Weekly NFL Related Humiliation for your perusal before the kick-off of the Thursday night game)

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