14 November 2006

Whether You Want It or Not, Here's a Belated Sunday Dog Walking Photoblog Post

That's right, doggie got to go on long walks twice this weekend. For Sunday's walk, I drove a bit to the south first.

Went to the Ballona Freshwater Marsh near the intersection of Lincoln and Jefferson.

The still under construction (but mostly completed), absolutely massive Playa Vista development is across the street. It was opposed by the BANANA folks, but got built anyway. And all the tales of ecological destruction? The wetlands are healthier and better managed because of this massive (largest in 50 years on the westside) building project.

Mofo loved this place, the smells weren't the smells he's used to. You can't gambol in the marsh, and why would you want to? But, for a dog it's all clearly within sniffing distance, and that's good enough.

As it's mid-November, the sun gets to be at a low angle pretty quickly, and the path around the marsh forced most of my snaps back towards the sun, not the best situation for good photography. Also, it's not a colorful time of year for the marsh, and the wildlife has sense enough to stay far away from the edges, so mostly just shots of greenery, and the detritus of construction projects (as usual, if you want to see everything, go here).


That this sign even exists makes a very strong case for folks to be sure to spay and neuter. I'm not just talking about pets either, folks who even think of abandoning their pets in this way should be spayed and neutered themselves.


It may not look like much, but it plays a crucial role in keeping the bay clean, and serves as a rest stop for migrating birds.


And almost within spitting distance you have planned urban(ish) density. Ain't the modern world grand?


Also on this corner, the modern sweatshop known as EA's Los Angeles office.


Oohhh, Look! Wildlife!


And standing in almost the same spot turning the other way, we have stacks of Jersey barriers.




I'm a big fan of piles of rubble.




Back to nature, unleash the Emerson within . . .


And a parting shot of a tight close up of a plant which I forgot to get the name of (but a rose by any other name . . .)

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Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm a big fan of piles of rubble.

Me,too! Barney....Betty....Bam Bam.