05 November 2006

Sexiest. Folding. Bike. Ever!

Yeah, I know, 'sexy folding bike' is pretty much a contradiction in terms. Folding bikes always say one of two things, dork or European (or European dork, need I say more).

But look at this concept design from Cannondale (via Gizmodo). It's an attractive machine. If performs reasonably well, folding it isn't too great a chore, and can be mass produced at a decent price (say retailing at about $1000) then they would clean up with this sucker.

In the comments at the Treehugger post (the post itself is from way back in February) I link, someone saying they were one of the engineers who worked in this thing claims this is a '10 years in the future' concept and not something that's technically feasible at this point. The main problem is the 'hydraulic drive' rather than a belt or chain.

Some folks still think this bike is ugly, but in the finest of schoolyard traditions, I say to them, "you're ugly".

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bill said...

Bromptons are usually listed as one of the best folding bikes. Though if I traveled for work, I'd probably carry a Bike Friday with me. When I had a frame built for me a few years back, I had S and S couplings installed. Not as quick or simple as a folding bike, but lets you pack a full-sized bike in a suitcase.