19 November 2006

RESULTS (Week ELEVEN) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

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I'm just killing time until the playoffs now. There are four teams in the AFC that I wouldn't be surprised to see in the Superbowl, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver and New England (yes, I'm leaving out Indianapolis, they're too vulnerable on defense to do well in the playoffs).

If Rex Grossman plays well, then it's Chicago and nobody else in the NFC, but that's not a certainty. On to the results for the picks.

Chicago 10 NY Jets 0 Chicago -7 (woohoo!)
Did I mention that the Chicago (9-1) defense is really, really, really good? Nothing else to say really. Rex Grossman was mediocre again, and it didn't matter. They are like the Baltimore team that won the Superbowl with Trent Dilfer, as long as their QB doesn't lose games for them, they'll go very far in the playoffs. NY Jets (5-5) on the other hand are going nowhere fast and are likely to slide completely out of playoff contention within 2 or 3 weeks.

Atlanta 10 Baltimore 24 Atlanta +4 (doh!)
I thought Atlanta (5-5) could pull of an upset. But instead they let B.J. Sams roll up 212 yards on 6 kick and punt returns. Giving Baltimore (8-2) a short field too often cost Atlanta who looked like they could have pulled off the upset until they gave up a couple of big punt returns. Michael Vick didn't take advantage of Baltimore's aggression on defense as I expected. I just don't get Atlanta sometimes, they are far less than the sum of their parts right now.

Indianapolis 14 Dallas 21 Dallas +1 (woohoo!)
Indianapolis (9-1) suffered their first loss, those '73 Dolphins can crack open the champagne. Dallas (6-4) looked good. Tony Romo is a looking more and more like a big time QB. Ironically the Colts looked better in this loss than they have in many of their victories. I still don't buy them as a team that will win more than one playoff game this season. Their defense is too shaky.

San Diego 35 Denver 27 San Diego +2.5 (woohoo!)
San Diego (8-2) started to roll in the second half. They overcame Denver's (7-3) 24-7 lead early in the 3rd quarter. An impressive comeback from an impressive team. Both teams are really good, but San Diego has the better talent on offense. That may make the difference come playoff time.

I really should stay away from picking games involving the Falcons. As far as those bonus picks (even against the spread), New England (woohoo!), Miami (woohoo!) Cincinnati (woohoo!), Carolina (woohoo!), and San Francisco (woohoo!).

New England turned things around after their mini-slump. Miami could win out, get to 10-6 and make the playoffs, that would be an amazing turn around after starting 1-6. Cincinnati is still a possible wild card team, and if they make the playoffs will be dangerous. Carolina looks like the best team in the NFC not named Da Bears. San Francisco still might surpass Seattle and St. Louis and win the NFC Crappy (West) Division.

Also, by the rules I set up of both teams over .500, I should have made a pick on the NY Giants at Jacksonville game. I could have sworn Jacksonville was like 3-6, but whatever.

So, since I'm writing this post Sunday night, I'll include a bonus pick on the Monday night game (results will be posted as an update on this post).

NY Giants at Jacksonville (-3.5) NY Giants +3.5
Despite both teams having winning records, they're both unimpressive. NY Giants (6-3) are coming off of a tough loss and looked discombobulated against Chicago. Jacksonville (5-4) managed to get swept by Houston. Houston! Houston!! The Houston Texans do not sweep season series against teams, they are the sweepee. I can not pick a team that gets beaten by the Texans twice, sorry, as much as I think the Giants are off their game, Jacksonville are worse.

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