07 November 2006

Early Results Out In California . . .

. . . not election results, but Lakers results. Leading Minnesota 72-55 with 4:11 to go in the 3rd.

They could still blow it, but exit polls suggest that the trend will continue even when all the precincts are counted.

Observations: Kobe's a really good role player (even the LAT thinks so). And,
we're just living in it.

The youngest player in the league is looking all growed up! We'll see if he keeps it up for the entire season, but so far he looks great and adds a dimension the Lakers lacked last year.

Also, Kareem, get Bynum to start shooting that skyhook. If he can learn that, he'll be a devastating presence in the post.

UPDATE: Got nervous for a bit, the Lakers let the Wolves back in the game, and it was 86-89 with 1:25 left. But Smush Parker made a lucky 3pt shot and Bynum made some great plays on defense to augment his career night (personal highs in points (20) and rebounds (14)).

After tomorrow night's trip up to lowly Portland, they leave Staples only once until December 10th. They really need to be at least 15-5 after their first 20 given all those home games. Hopefully they'll do even better than that (18-2?).

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