21 November 2006

Cross Building Rivalry

It was the big Lakers v Clippers contest tonight at Staples Center. Both teams looked good in stretches, and pretty awful in other stretches of the game. #24 for the Lakers made some crazy circus shots and lead all scorers with 40 (he had 20 by the end of the 1st quarter). Andrew Bynum continues to be the big surprise of the season.

Also, the Lakers managed to not score at all for the entire first 6 minutes of the 4th quarter, blow a 9 point lead, and still win this thing. Despite being a young team, they seem to have players other than Kobe willing to up the intensity when it counts.

Got caught up watching the game, didn't even notice the cable/internet went kaflooey (woohoo! TimeWarner).

(we'll just pretend I posted this at 11:59pm on November 21st)

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