08 October 2006

My First Photoblog Post

Prof. Althouse didn't invent random walk/photo blogging. But she's elevated it to an art form. Now that I have a new Sony Cyber-shot S500 I thought I'd try out the same on my late afternoon dog walk.

I've uploaded all the shots I took onto Flickr, no editing, and no manipulation.

Here's six that might convince you to click on some of the rest.


Who says you can't shoot hummingbirds?


I'm not the only Republican in Santa Monica, and here's the proof.


I'm as confused about this one as you are.


Ummmm, No Comment?


There's a state law that requires any photosets taken in Southern California MUST include some shots that include references to palm trees. Hopefully I am now in compliance.


Can you say Squirrel Blogging?

Here's a link to the whole photostream from today's photos. I'm still learning how to use my recently purchased Sony Cyber-shot S500, so expect better photos in the future. Also, it was an intermittently hazy day, so conditions weren't ideal.

1 comment:

Pastor_Jeff said...

Excellent shots! Keep up the good work.

The hummingbird and Bird of Paradise shot was especially good.