02 October 2006

The Importance of Being Regular

In one short post Ken Jennings pans the film The Science of Sleep (possibly, he just says that watching it inspired him to sleep for 10 straight hours), reminds us of the importance of being regular (he's a Bran-iac), his love of Brian Wilson (he's a Brian-iac), and the other side of being a Brainiac.

Knowing stuff need not be trivial, even if the stuff you know seems trivial, the how and the why you collected knowledge would seem to be key whether or not you are just a geek who knows stuff and likes to rub other folks faces in it, or if you are a well rounded individual who has a good recollection and an innate curiosity.

It's better to be the latter than the former, of course, know-it-alls who need to remind you of their know-it-all-ness are no fun to be around whereas polymaths who can hold a conversation on any subject and are happier to listen than to expound are fun to be around.

Brianiacs are okay, too, Brian Wilson is a genius, and his music is important. Braniacs are kind of annoying though. Some things are best not spoken of, afterall. Though, folks as highly esteemed as Gandhi are reported Braniacs. I remember reading (in the National Lampoon's true facts section, so grain of salt time for the following) that he greeted folks he dealt with each morning with the cheerful question, "Did you have your daily constitutional, today?". Makes sense to me, when dealing with folks, it's good to know up front, how much shit they are actually full of at any given moment.

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FreeThinker said...

I'm a Brian-iac too!