19 October 2006

Getting All Hot and Bothered About Volver


Callimachus at Done With Mirrors mentions a post regarding Almodovar's forthcoming film Volver, and another website's speculation around wordplay.

Cal's post is a good 'un, full of etymological tastiness. The article he links is more speculative.

I agree with him that the speculation is decidedly 'over-determined' and highly unlikely to have been an intentional double entendre.

However, Sony Classics did decide to not change the title as they so often do with Almodovar films. Sometimes the title changes screw up the meaning of the title, sometimes the title changes are of no consequence. Maybe they plan on marketing the film to both English speaking and more upscale Spanish speaking audiences in the United States (given the vast and growing spanish speaking audience in the US of A, the possibility of a 'Spanish language art house' crowd large enough to support quality films from Spain, South America and Mexico grows, also).

I prefer when foreign films keep their foreign titles, though if a film gets released here with an English title, it gets to be a little pretentious to insistently refer to the film by its original title.

Breathless, oh you mean A Bout de Souffle, well yes that is a good film (I would love to see a Canadian made film revolving around a plucky group of chefs in Edmonton or Toronto titled About the Souffle)

Seven Samurai, oh you mean Shichinin no samurai, well yes, that may be one of the greatest films ever (though the Roger Corman made Space Opera rip-off (buried in this lengthy slagging off of Lucas committed by John Scalzi is an appreciation of Battle Beyond the Stars) of the John Sturges made Western rip-off might be a more enjoyable flick).

Back to Volver, only a few weeks away till it will be shown here in Los Angeles, Woohoo!

I'll be there opening weekend, on that you could wager with confidence.

The trailer below for your enjoyment.

Also, the poster for the film.

When this film hits your town, go see it already.

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