14 October 2006

Enough with the Photoblogging, Already

I know what you're thinking, big deal, you've got a new camera.

But now it's something that I feel compelled to throw in my overalls while walking the dog, so while the doggie and I get some exercise (and he marks some trees), I'm looking for things of interest to shoot.

I didn't find a lot interesting today. Probably cause I walked north, and I just don't find much that's interesting north of Wilshire. I'm a reverse snob, what can I say?

Here's all the non-duplicate pictures I took today, all seven of them (with commentary)


First up, just a shot gazing north on 18th St. looking at the palm trees, a sliver of the Santa Monica Mountains and the clouds collecting against them. Am I mocking all you folks back east who suffered through an early snow?


Next up, on Montana Ave. a GEM car. Because sometimes in the race to be greener than thou, the Prius just isn't green enough.


The backside of the same GEM, here's my proposal (possibly even a modest one), anyone over 80 should be required by law to drive a GEM or similar electric car. Folks like this gentleman would be far less capable of doing damage if they were faced with that limitation.


Electric homes must have seemed like a great idea at one time, now they are just a huge headache and a massive utility bill.


This isn't Jay Leno's garage, instead it's a car dealer on Wilshire. The 57 Chevy wagon way in the back is the one I want (I would have gone in and taken more photos, but they probably wouldn't have liked me bringing the big black doggie with me).


I don't trust any financial services company that tries so hard not to look like a financial services company.


Finally, at the local Mercedes dealership, their concept of a red tag sale is different than most places (the price is hard to discern in the photo, but it's $149,688).

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