19 October 2006

Chain of Fools Rush In The Flesh For Fantasy Is Reality Radio Silence Is Golden Years Ago

Playing around with the search function on the previously mentioned URGE.

Was able to come up with this playlist of ten songs

Chain of Fools, Aretha Franklin
Fools Rush In, The Mighty Diamonds
In The Flesh, Pink Floyd
Flesh For Fantasy, Billy Idol
Fantasy Is Reality, Parliament
Reality Radio, Imani Coppola
Radio Silence, Circuits
Silence Is Golden, Garbage
Golden Years, David Bowie
Years Ago, Alice Cooper

Not bad, thematically, or musically, if you ask me (and I know, you weren't actually asking me, but I'm telling you, so there)

A suggestion for the good folks at Viacom and Microsoft, let the people have at it and share. They've got 'celebrity' playlists by the likes of castmembers of Laguna Beach, season 3. That's great, I'm so gratified and fascinated that Kelan is a big Bruuuuuuuuuce fan, and thinks that Gerry Beckly is his hero. But I'd bet more people would get into creating their own clever playlists (like the one above) if they knew that they could then be easily shared to all sorts of folks across the internets.

Do it right and you have a nation of DJs all trying to one up each other, out quirk each other, and out cool each other. Do it wrong and you have fewer folks laughing at how ridiculous some publicist mandated playlist compiled by MTV's darling of the week sounds.

Also, it would be great to be able to link the lists you make through blogs, an embedding code like YouTube should do the trick, you could still force people to listen to it through Windows Media Player 11 and the URGE shop. Think of it this way, the easier you make it, the greater your marketing department.

Solve these quirks, and you might just have a real rival to iTunes.

You still are going to have a hell of a time getting folks to give up their Nanos and iPods.

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