07 September 2006

Well, At Least It's Good Advertising for In-N-Out Burger

Mmmmmmm, In-N-Out Burger, I may have to run out and get me some, too.

(but not after a long day of 'work' and after only drinking 'one' margarita, plus I probably weigh a good 70-80 pounds more than she does, so it would take more to raise my blood alcohol)

For those that don't know, In-N-Out Burger is a SoCal (and a few Nevada and Arizona locations) institution known for their excellent burgers, tasty fries and creamy shakes.

It's distinct from most fast-food chains in that it's still privately owned, and doesn't franchise, all locations are owned directly by the company.

Also their off menu items are legendary, they'll make whatever you tell them to make, even if it's a potentially lethal combination like the $100, 100 patty, 100 slices of cheese burger.

And of course, their bumper stickers have been popular around here forever, especially with the B and R in burger obscured in some fashion.

Below is an image of their drive-thru menu board, simplicity itself (and exactly as it should be for a drive-thru burger joint, the bigger chains forget this, it's not always good to try and be all things to all people, pick one thing, and do it better than anybody else).

(photo borrowed from this post at Lifelike Pundits)

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bill said...

Visited Sacramento a few years ago on the great-grandparent tour with The Child. My one request while we were in California was to eat at an In-N-Out. Worth the trip. Now if they'd let me manage a few on the East coast -- I'm thinking locations on A1A from Savannah to Daytona -- life would be better.