06 September 2006

Some See the Small Plastic Cup as Being Half Empty, I See It As Being Half Full, of Profits!!

Some see this story, about older fathers contributing a higher risk of autism in their offspring, as a reason to worry.

I see it as a reason to create a new business opportunity.

Most men in their teens and early twenties become pretty well adept at various techniques of 'self love'.

Why let all that 'baby batter' go to waste? Most likely, that's the healthiest, least mutated sperm that those men are going to produce in their lifetimes. Seems like a reasonable precaution to take would be to store all that recreationally obtained genetic material so that in the event that said gentleman waits to their 40s or 50s or 60s to settle down, that they have a ready supply of healthy 'swimmers' with which to combine with their future mating partner's ova.

In the back of every refrigerator each family could protect their future reproductive success, simply by storing a discrete little cup of genetic material preserved and cared for, just in case.

It seems like a no-brainer, and a great business opportunity.

(plus the excess could be sold in Mexico as 'facial cream')

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