17 September 2006

Reality Based Reporting

(via Instapundit)

Tom Bevan posting at Realclearpolitics chronicles how the same AP story can start out having the (unacceptable by 'reality-based' standards) headline, "GOP Gains Ground in Battle for Congress" but through the magic of the internet, transform into the more 'reality-based' headline of "Poll Shows GOP Not Making Its Case"

And why exactly is Democratic Virginia Senate hopeful Sec. Webb being pictured along with the article right now, anyway?

Interestingly enough, after googling the phrase, Poll shows GOP not making its case, the original wording for the piece shows up on the Yahoo News link, though if you click on it, what's pictured above is what appears (at least as of 3pm PDT)

Also, for all those folks using Firefox, the Snapper Add-on is fantastic. Makes doing these sort of screencaps a breeze.

Just goes to show you, if an article looks like it might be 'too positive' for the GOP, better screencap that sucker, cause you can bet it's going to get sprinkled with some 'reality-based' fairy dust and transform into something more acceptable.

Much in the same manner, if you see a headline that is nakedly and unequivocally BDS filled (to an embarrassing degree), expect that headline to suddenly, and surreptitiously, change over time.

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