14 September 2006


Ken Jennings was on The Colbert Report last night and he posts at his blog about the experience. He was quite amused by the word, "Poindexterity".

I like the word, too. So much so that I've camped out the blogspot Immodest Poindexterity.

I haven't decided if this will ever become something, but possibly a place for my moments of extreme poindexterity belong over there while my moments of proposalarity will remain here.

I'm not prolific enough to blog in both places alone, anyone out there wanting to unleash their inner geek in group blog form? I'm open to co-bloggers on that blog.

(I'm strictly flying this site solo though, and wish to keep it that way)

Also, the reason for Mr. Ken Jennings hitting various shows is he's flogging his new book Braniac, I've picked it up, read about half, and so far have enjoyed it immensely, I expect to be able to give it a proper review by Sunday.

A neat feature about Braniac is that, even though it's not just a trivia book with questions and answers, Ken does throw in many questions in each chapter.

My results for the author's notes and first three chapters are as follows; Author's Note 1.doh!, 2.woohoo!,3.woohoo! Chapter One 1.Sweet! 2. Weak! 3. Sweet! 4. Weak! 5. Weak! (but it was on the tip of my tongue) 6. Sweet! 7. Weak! 8. Sweet! 9. Sweet! 10. Weak! Chapter Two 1. Yeah! 2. Yeah! (thank you Family Guy) 3. Yeah! 4. Boo! 5. Boo! 6. Yeah! 7. Yeah! 8. Boo! 9. Yeah! 10. Yeah! and Chapter Three 1. Yes! (please hear Marv Albert's voice saying this in your head) 2. Rejected! 3. Rejected! 4. Yes! 5. Yes! 6. Rejected! 7. Yes! 8. Rejected! 9. Rejected! 10. Yes!

If you must know what the actual questions and answers are, head to your favorite local book shop, hopefully they have this book in stock.

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