04 September 2006

Moments In Another Blogs' Comment Section That Reflect An Evergrowing Fact of Human Discourse and the Uncertainty of Identity

Relating to this post at Captain's Quarters regarding the 'American Taliban' idiot goat-boy, Al Qaeda spokesmodel Adam Gadahn.

First this comment by docjim505

His broadcasts clearly amount to a classical definition of treason.

Treason? How 18th century of you! He's simply voicing dissent, and that, my friends, is the highest form of patriotism. If the filthy dems take control of the Congress in the upcoming election, I look for this guy to be invited to address a Joint Session of Congress. Offered a teaching position at Harvard or Yale. A documentary about his life to be made by Michael Moore, starring Sean Penn as Azzam the American. He's their kind of hero!

If it was up to me, dealing with the likes of him would be simple: trial by court martial by the unit that captures him, followed by hanging. However, I fear that "treason" isn't a crime for many (lefty) Americans anymore, unless the accused is a Republican.


Then this comment within a minute with a similar sentiment, but worded differently from AnonymousDrivel

In the spirit of the Lord, I hope we'll martyr Gadahn (and anyone dying under Islamofascism these days is, by definition, a martyr and, ironically, great spin a lá the best Satan-worshipping, Western-loving stylism our own media can preach) under the legal recourse of our Constitutional writs.

I'm not convinced we have the spine of our forefathers, or even grandfathers, to impose such penalties in this day and age. It's time we recall the guides from "simpler" times and actually engage the enemy on all fronts as opposed to passing the responsibility to our fighting forces in the field of battle alone while carrying on in our ankle-biting lives. Some insist that we, as a nation, will not make the sacrifices required to support our troops, our ideals, or our interests. Here's our chance. When the likes of a Gadahn preach treason, we should demand swift and final justice without the self-flagellating rhetoric or "free speech" tripe that inevitably follows when such individuals are captured.

Put a bounty on his head, capture him if convenient while mocking his pitch during the interim, and hang him sans fanfare on the battlefield. Exact the penance but minimize his "martyrdom".

And just a few minutes later, Anonymous Drivel comments again


Wow! Are you my sockpuppet or am I yours?


Glenn Greenwald, Michael Hiltzik, and Lee Siegel could not be reached for comment.

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