01 September 2006

Jihadi=Mein Kampf

(hat tip Kudlow)

From Victor David Hanson posting at NRO

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trumps that Hitlerian nihilism by reassuring the poor, maltreated Germans that there was no real Holocaust. Perhaps he is concerned that greater credit might still go to Hitler for Round One than to the mullahs for their hoped-for Round Two, in which the promise is to “wipe” Israel off the map.The only surprise about the edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf that has become a best seller in Middle Eastern bookstores is its emboldened title translated as “Jihadi” — as in “My Jihad” — confirming in ironic fashion the “moderate” Islamic claim that Jihad just means “struggle,” as in an “inner struggle” — as in a Kampf perhaps.

Let me fill in the usual response from the other side of the aisle, "He invoked Hitler! Loser, he totally Godwinned! There is no parallel between violent, nihilistic, fascistic, supremacist Islamist today and violent, nihilistic, fascistic, supremacist Nazis of the 30s and 40s. The very locution of 'Islamist' or 'Islamofascist' is just more eeeevil Roveian doublespeak designed just to scare us into giving up all our rights and justify their imposition of a 'Christianist' government here at home just as eeeevil, nay more eeeevil, than anything any poor dispossessed and downtroddened Arab, Persian or South Asian could ever come up with"

The netroots, and 'reality based' folks need to come up with their own animal mascot to differentiate themselves from every day average Democrats, my suggestion below

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