19 September 2006


Two quotes to consider
and then there's this
Both about the recent Pope Benedict XVI madness, both extremely different takes on the issue. Both are quotes from Andrew Sullivan. Call me insufficiently transcendental if you like, and I know that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds", but this is getting ridiculous.

Just as I praised Mr. Sullivan for his thoughtful words on 9/11 only to see him back to hateful words on 9/12, this current about face with regards to the Pope's speech defies rationality.

Luckily I'm too small of a small-fry to be added to his list of persecutors with which he must take exception (I'm talking to you Mr. Kaus and Prof. Reynolds).

Nobody would care if he didn't write well. He's a good man to have on your side, unfortunately don't expect him to stay on your side for very long.

I felt duped after linking his earlier praise of Benedict XVI just to see him 'evolve' once again to a contradictory position in post after post.

I think ignoring Mr. Sullivan will by my strategy from now on (but I'll still read him, just not use his words to illustrate any matters of debate).

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Icepick said...

I quit reading Sullivan a while back, even though his was the first blog I read. His constant harping on torture and gay marriage were bad enough, but his everlasting shock that the Pope is Catholic finally did me in. I just can't stand it.