21 September 2006

I Don't Care if She's a Bit of a Dope . . .

Given the choice between a woman who's 5'11 and 120lbs, and a woman who has curves and height similar to Ms. Johansson's. I'll take the curvy woman every time.

(though curvy and 5'11, now that's a combination)

Two reasons for this post, one, to post the above picture (a promo still from her current film, Black Dahlia) and link to egotastic, for even more pictures. And two, linking to this post from Moxie displaying her usual trademarked brand of moxie to get to the heart of the matter and illustrating the consequence of the Scarlett Johansson quote being alluded to here (not the liking being curvy part, the wanting to take over President Bush's job part).

(also, thank you Moxie for adding me to your blogroll, with an added thanks to this fella for helping her get that done)

(and clearly, the dope I'm talking about is the lovely Scarlett Johansson, not the lovely Moxie)

1 comment:

otownhandyman said...

Thanks for the mention. I saw Immodest Proposals on my blog stats and I'm thinkin' uh oh...what'd I do.

By the way, she is a ditz, but I love that Scarlett Johannasberg.