24 September 2006

I Call For a Jihad Against Those That Call For a Jihad Against the Frivilous Use of the Term "Jihad"

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This post is regarding this incident in Ohio.

I've got nothing else to say.

Just wanted an excuse to create this post's title.

(in Ohio, radio stations weren't reacting to a response to the ad, more the fear that the ad might generate a response, which seems kind of silly)

We should as a culture poke fun mercilessly at those ridiculous, unmanly, misogynistic, medieval, violent, sexually frustrated, sexually attracted to goats and sheep, homophobic, superstitious, easily offended jihadis.

Yes, the term "jihad" has a primary meaning of the personal struggle each Muslim deals with in their attempt to celebrate Allah's glory and live up to his standard.

But, Muslims have allowed the crazies to own that term. I bet you don't find too many German speaking folks when describing any kind of struggle they may be having as "Mein Kampf".

The definition of the term jihad that has escaped from Arabic and captured the imaginations of non-Arabic speakers is a decidedly negative one. Rightly so, I should add.

So, jihadis should be the object of frequent and vicious ridicule, even in something as mundane as an auto sales radio ad.

(even Ahmed Angerpuss agrees with me, he's saying "Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad!", loosely translated, "I agree with all that XWL said, and see that my display of anger does appear utterly ridiculous")

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Donald Douglas said...

I'd say that's funny, although the real rage for Islamic jihad is not so. Nicely titled post, in any case.

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