22 September 2006

First the Pain, Then the Pleasure

***(NSFW warning)***

Some of what follows is NSFW, some of what follows is not safe for any kind of human consumption at all.

(hat tip Drudge)

First to the, not safe for any kind of human consumption at all portion of the links, obviously you've been warned, yet if you insist on clicking on the link, that's your sorry fate and I have warned you sufficiently where I expect to be absolved of any legal responsibility should you suffer any permanent psychological damage from what you just chose to submit yourself to. James Brolin, you are more man than I am, facing those on a regular basis. Larry Kudlow adds some thoughts of his own regarding this subject, as does Tammy Bruce.

(hat tip Moxie)

Now on to the more pleasureable aspect of this post. The tits for hits campaign continues apace. It's an effort I wholeheartedly support. In this second installment of tits for hits (mildly NSFW, but quite enjoyable anyway), there is discussion of Pope Benedict XVI, Sears Catalogs, and images of waving American flags. Also, did I mention that a thin bra and ice cubes are involved? If that doesn't heal your damaged psyche (assuming you submitted yourself to the onslaught that was the first link), then I don't know what will. Obviously, some wives are better to have than others (I bet his wife wouldn't force him to do away with Hummers the way Gov. Schwarzenegger's did).

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