22 September 2006

Checking Out My Fellow Insects

Recently, my status on the TTLB Ecosystem has bounced between Lowly Insect and Crusty Crustacean.

I'm on the low end of insect life. That's fine by me. Sure other bloggers can brag about their 6 millionth hit. Meanwhile after more than a year I've barely surpassed 13,000. That's cool with me.

I'm sure it's all about quality, and not quantity.

So just because I can, I thought I'd pick out some posts from the two bloggers above me at this moment, and the two bloggers below me on that TTLB Ecosystem.

I'm currently 14,664 out of 40,000+ ranked sites.

Coming up in 14,666th place on the ecosystem is the rather lengthily titled, I love this crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life (phew, say that ten times fast!). It's a blog from Hillary in Vancouver. She's Canadian, she's a teacher, and she's excited. If you want to know more, click around for yourself.

Coming in at 14,665 on your countdown is The Texas Songbird. He's my kind of man. He's a proud husband, father, a Republican, and black. Blogging has been light due to illness in the family. Going back to July, here's a rather interesting defense of the use of scotch tape as a disciplinary tool in public schools (don't let Andrew Sullivan read this, he'll accuse him of supporting torture).

Those were my inferiors (in ecosystem terms only), now onto my immediate superiors, currently at number 14,663 is the Forest Conservation Blog. It's exactly as you might expect, given the title. Enough said, really.

Moving on to number 14,662, at that ranking we have Random & Incoherent. Two things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate, apparently. The top post right now has a disturbing or hilarious photo, you make the call! Also, anyone who links to the Weird Al White and Nerdy video, can't be all bad. Also, it really is random, this PSA about recognizing stroke victims really does come across as being very random when compared to the other posts around it.

So there you have it, a tour around my immediate peers on the TTLB ecosystem.


Icepick said...

That photo is simply disturbing.

XWL said...

I tend to agree, though I think there's still some humor in it.

But that website is most definitely aptly named.

Hillary said...

Wow, hello to a fellow... what? Insect? Crustacean? Ah well. Hello to a neighbour on the TTLB ecosystem (man, I had forgotten I'd done that!) Nice to 'meet' ya!