28 August 2006

An Ounce of Criticism . . .

An ounce of criticism from former President James Earl Carter is the equivalent of a pound of praise from anyone else (not to suggest that his criticism has any special weight or authority, just that he's always been on the wrong side of history and issues that he's earned a special place in the annals of wrong thinking, he's a Nobel Laureate in vapidness, shortsightedness, empty pontification, and self righteousness).

If he feels the need to criticize you, then you must be doing something right.

No better measure of what is wrong to do than what Pres. Carter suggests as a course of action, and no better measure of what is right to do than actions Pres. Carter warns against.

So, Prime Minister Blair, accept the criticism from that 'elder statesman' and understand that it's as strong of an affirmation of your policies as you'll ever likely to receive.

There's never been a former US President better suited for the role of Goofus in a Goofus and Gallant comparison of action and rhetoric than Pres. Carter.

But then, that's because no former President has ever felt so free in condemning the United States and its policies, especially abroad. The tradition that Pres. Carter has breeched with regards to criticism while in foreign lands was an important one, but Pres. Carter feels above such things.

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