30 August 2006

It Makes Sense When You Say It With an English Accent

Mark Burnett, creator (actually, purchaser of the American rights) of Survivor, had this to say about current controversies (as linked to by Drudge)
Burnett claims dividing the four teams on SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS according to race eliminates any tension between the groups and thus avoids racism. He explains, "By putting people in tribes, they clearly have to get rid of people of their own ethnicity. So that's not racial at all."

Not only do I just come to the realization that I have a gob, but said gob feels as if that bit of twisted logic has smacked it, hard.

Allow me to translate, 'By dividing the teams by race, there won't be any racial tensions between the contestants of the same tribe, instead they'll hate each other for much more acceptable reasons such as gender, class or sexual orientation'

Well that makes me feel much better about the whole project, Network TV continues to get better and better, innit?

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