29 August 2006

Bathroom Interviews

A local 'wacky' morning comedy team on World Famous KROQ at 106.7 FM, Kevin and Bean, have (maybe had, I haven't listened in years) a running bit called Bathroom Interviews.

Kevin would be mic'd, sitting in a stall, and try and start really inappropriate conversations with folks (an example from 2002 can be heard at Kevinandbeanarchive.com)

I remember callers saying that this wouldn't be as funny with women, cause they seek out conversations while in the ladies room, as opposed to men who try and avoid all eye contact, let alone conversations while taking care of their business.

Well, this Kyra Phillips faux pas would seem to lend some credence to that.

Drudge spread this around the world, Newsbusters.org has the audio, video, and transcripts.

All I can say, I'd hate to be Kyra's brother about now.

OK, that's not all I can say, given CNN's ratings in the mornings, this might be good for Kyra, more people will see this clip and hear her voice because of this than have seen her otherwise on CNN in the past month or two.

So maybe this will be a career changing event!

(silver linings are everywhere, just need to know where to find them)

Shep Smith survived the J.Lo incident, afterall.

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