30 June 2006

Knowing Your Limits

(h/t Drudge)

In this modern age, nearly everyone multi-tasks from time to time.

But some folks take the concept, too far.

In the future, for anyone tempted to do so, remember the following;

  1. Masturbating while watching porn is an activity that when done privately is fine
  2. Drinking, even to the point of drunkedness, is an acceptable activity, so long as you don't do it so often as to screw with your life, and do it privately (public drinking's OK, public drunkedness, is not)
  3. Driving, another activity most people do daily, and again, driving is as American as Apple Pie, Long Island Ice Teas, and San Fernando Valley produced Porn
  4. However combining drunkedness, masturbating while watching porn, and driving, that's taking things far too far

Any one of the three done alone is fine, and even combining the two non-driving activities together without being in public would be fine.

But all three together, and in public, well I think most reasonable people would agree that the state has a reasonable interest in sanctioning such activity, especially when that combination of activities leads to an accident.

And I should add that I am making general statements regarding the rightness or wrongness of these activities, the person in question is still in court, and these are allegations, not proven facts.

(and I bet, non-ball players get caught doing this from time to time, in dash video, especially visible from the driver's seat, is an idea who's time should have never come)

Also, I'm a little disturbed that this is in civil litigation, and wasn't litigated as a criminal offense, given the set of facts being alleged. Seems to me there are a couple of clear cut crimes that were committed (wreckless driving, drunken driving, and possibly even public lewdness and attempted insurance fraud), so I think the suggestion that a pro athlete received special treatment at the hands of the officers who arrived on scene is also worth investigating (which the piece suggests is being investigated).

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