09 June 2006

If They Really, Really Want to Help Africa . . .

. . . they'd copulate.

I'm talking about Jolie-Pitt of course. Recently they sold the exclusive rights (hat tip, Tammy Bruce) for the first Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt baby pics for a large mound of money, all proceeds going to African aid.

Well, if a simple baby picture garners millions, think of what a well produced, expertly videographed, carefully staged and lit video of something they hopefully do together on a regular basis would gross.

A Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie sex video would do phenomenal business.

It could be the first properly produced 'celebrity' porn video featuring real celebrities produced in a proper fashion rather than in grainy hand held night vision.

If they really, really want to help Africa and raise hundreds of millions of dollars, they'll record for prosperity the sort of loving act that lead to the birth of the miracle child with the four names.

(oh boy, now people googling for 'brad pitt angelina jolie sex video' will get directed to this site, HELLO celebrity obsessed horndogs!)

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