07 June 2006

Has Your Heart Grown Fonder?

Regarding this blog, of course, absence is supposed to do that, afterall.

To answer Reader I Am's query, no vacation, just family stuff, personal stuff, and cable company stuff, now either resolved or moving in a positive direction, so back to sharing thoughts and such.

The alternate post to this one was going to be an explanation that as a practicing Satanist, I was waaaaay too busy to post with the run-up to the big day (06 June 2006) and all, but I'm not fond of goat's blood, or naked covens in forests, so no Satanism for me.

Wish I had thought of the Monkey Chow gimmick first, though, brilliant, that (hat tip Instapundit).


Ruth Anne Adams said...

XWL: You ain't wrong for taking some time off.

And, yes!, you were missed.

XWL said...

Thanks for the words, the thing about being missed, you can't be missed until you leave, so I guess leaving for a bit was a good happenstance.