26 June 2006

Haiku Moments In Other Blogs' Comment Sections (Hopefully not an irrregular feature)

So I was reading this post at Redstate.com about Pres. Sec. Tony Snow's handling of the press conference in the wake of the SWIFT Program outing by the NYT (and LAT), and the first few comments are Haiku (so of course, I copy and paste them here for your perusal)
A haiku By: ConservativeMutant
Snowdrift in winter
Conceals the strident question
Of Helen Thomas.

my turn By: kingronjo
Snow blasted away
The gaggle shot from the sky
Clueless as always

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Helen Thomas By: Tully
Fading to dotage
with the cracks showing: Crazy
aunt in the attic

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And another one... By: mikefisk
Gaggle in uproar
Stretch flails his fist in anger
Helen Thomas faints

"I could explain, but that would be very long, very convoluted, and make you look very stupid. Nobody wants that... except maybe me."
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Me too... By: liberal execration
Inane questions flow
Truth smashes them asunder
Rising snow freezes

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Cold shower needed By: RBMN
press corps white house zoo
monkey in love with his hand
cold shower needed

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Navigating the Clarion Cliffs By: kwc
Assailed from all sides
The new mate steers the ship past
The shrieking harpies

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My turn... By: furious
Doyenne of the Press,
She's wearing a hat.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing." -- Darth Vader
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I'm impressed, though not enough to add this to the irregular feature, great moments in other blogs' comment sections, which is why this gets its own category (and hopefully singular appearance)

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