28 May 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 28 May 2006)

You Ain't Wrongness will be delayed by a day this week, the real post will be here sometime late tomorrow, till then, enjoy your Sunday, and your holiday (if tomorrow is a holiday for you, it's no longer a given that most folks have that day off).


This will be short, a few Memorial Day tributes or musings that need your attention if you haven't already perused them

Michelle Malkin

Sippican Cottage

Callimachus posting at Done With Mirrors

Prof. Ann Althouse

Christopher Hitchens

Prof. Stephen Bainbridge

(links aplenty mixed in those links, and they are all full of aintwrongness in their own ways)

As far as the usual non-Memorial Day related aintwrongness for the week

Slate.com, Y'all Ain't Wrong, For coming up with Pulp style covers for classic novels. Brilliant stuff, this, more, more, let's see much more.

Daniel Drezner, You Ain't Wrong, For questioning that insipid World Cup add featuring the voice of Bono.

Dr. Helen, You Ain't Wrong, For enjoying an afternoon luncheon with your daughter at The Tea Room. Life's little pleasures shared with loved ones are often the best pleasures.

Michael Yon, You Ain't Wrong, For defending the integrity of the copyright of your photo and ensuring that the use of this powerful image not be deployed inappropriately. Fight the good fight, stick it to them, hard. SHOCK magazine should change their name to Shame if this first issue is indicative of their behavior, editorial choices, and corporate culture.

That's it, keeping it small and tidy this week. As far as the antiaintwrongness, George Galloway probably belongs in an antiaintwrongness hall of fame. But nevertheless, his statements regarding PM Tony Blair this week are a new low, even for him. So in all his gallowaygian glory, Not at all Gorgeous George Galloway epitomizes all that is antiaintwrong for this past week.


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