21 May 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 21 May 06)

Aintwrongness ripples across the universe.

But is aintwrongness a wave or a particle?

I really can't comment on aintwrongness beyond our small globe, so once again I'll be mostly terracentric with my highlighting of weekly aintwrongness.

Dr. Helen, You Ain't Wrong, 'Helicopter parents' do neither themselves nor their children any favors by becoming too involved in their children's lives. You can create situations and opportunities for your children to gain knowledge, but wisdom comes from within, from painful mistakes, as well as self-motivated triumphs. I can't imagine those parenting techniques creating many moments where wisdom flourishes.

Andrew Sullivan, You Ain't Wrong, Fake but Accurate is the right thing to call this recent Rovemania.

Christopher Althouse, You Ain't Wrong, People who have no shame should be ashamed of themselves. In locker rooms anyway. And speaking of locker room stories, I can't link his post without linking to this locker room related discussion from Cathy Seipp as well.

Prof. Althouse, You Ain't Wrong, For posting your 50th podcast today. They've mostly been entertaining. Keep it up, so long as you have fun doing it.

Michael Barone, You Ain't Wrong, Change the party governing, and you'll suddenly see the current economic data be reported without a damning but in sight (he doesn't actually explicitly say what I say he says, but he implies it strongly).

Egotastic, Y'all Ain't Wrong, Pictures of Jessica Alba kicking ass, really kicks ass (uh-oh, I'm in a kick ass loop like I was last week, sorry, they happen sometimes, someone should really come here and kick my ass to get me to stop with this habit).

Los Angeles Clippers, Y'all Ain't Wrong, For forcing a game seven against the Phoenix Suns Monday Night. All y'all out there would also not be wrong if you root for the Clippers to advance to the Western Conference Finals. They have great players who play well together. They've got a real MVP in Elton Brand. And Chris Kaman is really, really ugly. Go Team!

All the good Folks of the United States of America, Y'all Ain't Wrong, If you think that the folks of New Orleans are plum crazy (and Brendan Loy ain't wrong for adding the perspective and commentary that I have linked).

Mars Rovers, Y'all Ain't Wrong, For rockin' it Timex style. You've both taken a licking, and have continued ticking, photographing, sampling, and communicating with scientests back on Earth. Great job Spirit and Opportunity (and see, I'm not solely terracentric).

That's enough aintwrongness for the week. As usual there is plenty more, but I'll leave it to others to search it out.

As far as the antiaintwrong, Sir Ian McKellen, suggesting that the bible should come with "warnings" about its fictionality seems a bit silly. It earns you an antiaintwrongness. Doubting the bible is one thing. I myself am not a person of the book, but I respect those that are, and saying what you said (video here), shows a great and malignant disrespect towards people who are. That's shameful. Slagging the Hebrew and Christian Bible is easy, let's see if you go for the Abrahamic trifecta and slag the Koran as well. Somehow I think I'll be waiting a long time before you make those statements publicly. So for this week, Antiaintwrongnes=McKellenness.

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