04 May 2006

NBA Playoffs, 1st Round Edition

In the East, Detroit played well, no surprise. Miami won, but looks awful. New Jersey did in the Pacers and have an excellent shot at reaching the Eastern Conference finals. Watching LeBron has been great, but what we really have all been witnesses to is a series without defense. It doesn't matter which team wins that series, the winners will lose in 4 or 5 games to Detroit. Same goes for whichever team wins between Miami and New Jersey, Detroit will represent the East in the NBA Finals, that's a done deal barring multiple injuries to the Pistons' starters.

In the West, the Grizzlies messed up my all upset first round. The Clippers are going to give the Lakers all they can handle in the second round. The Lakers WILL win on Saturday in Phoenix. Sacramento WILL win on Friday in Sacramento to set up a game seven in San Antonio, but whichever team wins that series will lose to Dallas. I'm still looking forward to the 'Hallway Series', the Lakers will not lose three in a row to the Suns.

I still think the Clippers will prevail over the Lakers, and go on to beat Dallas in the Western Conference Finals. After that it'll be a hard fought series against Detroit, with the Clippers pulling off the improbable upset.

Party time on Figueroa come June, just you wait.

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