18 May 2006

It's Getting Hard Out Here For a Parodist

"Good on him. He's not likely to win, given the mounds of evidence against him, but he deserves recognition for both his accomplishments in the courtroom and his studious trial preparaton."

The 'he' in question is John Allen Muhammad, the older DC area sniper.

Quoted from TalkLeft's account of this article in WaPo.

Not exactly the words I would have chosen.

When lefties make it so easy to make fun of them, what's the fun of making fun of them?

Damn you all! Damn you all to an existence bereft of any belief system beyond your own navels.


Icepick said...

What, you're opposed to serial killers becoming self-actualized? You bastard!

Pooh said...

I'd argue that you are wrong on the merits here (I'm a lawyer, that's what I do), but instead I'll congratulate you on that tasty low-hanging fruit you hold in your hand!