10 May 2006

I'm Probably An Horrible Person For Finding This Funny . . .

. . . but, damn that's funny.

(courtesy Egotastic)

UPDATE: the story linked disappeared mysteriously (the Egotastic link within the story I link does the same thing), but the egotastic take on the TMZ story still works, and given the damned funny story, let's hope that this never pans out (maybe TMZ won't make this one disappear as well, and when I searched her name on their site, 118 hits, sad but true).

1 comment:

reader_iam said...

The TMZ link takes you to a page that says, "article not found."

And here I was all set to determine if you're a horrible person or not.

vh: hobxxx

Are you an x-rated hobbit, perchance?