02 May 2006

Commie Pinko AntiDogbertian Scum

Scott Adams advocates vaguely Marxist sounding redistributionism.

He might be joking.

He might be serious.

I like his personal reasons for not voting
Personally, I don’t vote. That’s partly because I know there isn’t enough information available for me to make an informed decision, and partly because the rich white guys in power (my peeps) are doing a good job of taking from the poor and giving to me. I don’t have much to gripe about.

Unlike some countries, voting for non-felon citizens over 18 is a right and not a requirement in the United States (I'm talking to you Australia and Belgium).

I think Dogbert would take exception with the idea of getting more poor folks to vote so that they elect politicians who promote an aggressively redistributionist public policy.

I think Mr. Adams is taking the absurdist route to the destination of wisdomville (I'm pretty sure William Blake said something similar).

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