18 May 2006

Coincidence or Convergence? You Make the Call

The placement of these two Drudge Headlines, Coincidence?

(I take that back, I'm not sure that I've ever heard Sean Penn speak in complete sentences)

Also I think the sub-headline of the second article actually belongs with the first. The first article states that the film in question is based on Clarke's novel (I know, I know, he claims it's non-fiction, but I'm not buying that line) Against All Enemies, and will be directed by hacktacular director Paul Haggis. The sub-head of the second article is, "pyow pyow pyow . . . hack hack hack hack".

I don't think there's a better review of Crash (Defamer brings the hateration against that awful, terrible, probably worst picture to ever win Best Picture, sitcom parading as 'message' film) possible. And I don't expect any better of Against All Enemies.

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