23 April 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 23 April 2006)

Time marches on. Another weekly dose of Aintwrongness for your perusal.

Second Lieutenant Harry Wales in the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, You Ain't Wrong, for wanting to serve with your comrades. However, you would present an extremely high value target for the murderous idiots you will be fighting, and the possible harm caused by your capture out weighs any service you could do as a soldier. Your insistence to serve as anyone else would speaks well of you, but unfortunately, the realities of asymetric warfare against a foe without scruples or honor makes your service an undue hazard both to you and those around you.

Prof. Althouse, You Ain't Wrong, for writing your excellent submission to the forthcoming conference regarding blogging and legal scholarship. Your essay has rippled in more than a few places in the internet (one ripple here, another here). That's the nature of ideas, one stone (or submission) disturbs the pond in countless and almost incalculable ways. The pond is getting bigger to the point where these ripples are hardly noticed, but it's fun to stir things up anyway.

Captain Ed, You Ain't Wrong, for reminding everyone who cares to read what you wrote and follow the links you collected that Hamas is dangerous, Hamas should still be considered terrorists, and the Palestinian people are the ones who chose this path. Continued pressure will get them to choose a new path, not ignoring the nature of who Hamas are and what they've done.

Rand Simberg, You Ain't Wrong, about the direction that some isolationist libertarians have taken and their resemblance to the nutsos of the far left. Nuts is nuts whether it's dextrous or sinistral.

Seth Green, Doug Goldstein, Tom Root and Matthew Sennreich, You Ain't Wrong, for bringing the funny with Robot Chicken (new season in progress, 11:30pm Sunday nights on Adult Swim). The season 1 Box Set is great, the behind the scenes extras are fantastic, buy it or netflix it already.

That's it, a quick five aintwrongs for the week. Short is sweet afterall. As far as antiaintwrongness, there's only one for the week, and it's so obvious that I'd almost back off and not even mention it, yet given how silly the whole Sock Puppet fiasco is, it's hard not to ignore, so for obvious reasons, antiaintwrongness=michaelhiltzikness.

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