24 April 2006

McCarthy Denies She's The Leak Source

Drudge Headline: McCarthy Denies She's The Leak Source. . .

(the following is not the article that drudge links to)

E!'s Jenny McCarthy denies she was the source of the recent leak. She insists she's had no contact with Joe Wilson, Dana Priest, Valerie Plame, or Chris Hardwick.

She also commented that she still likes to pick her nose, whoop and holler, and make farting sounds with her armpits.

As of yet, no special counsel has been called to investigate the leakage (and speaking of leakage, there's a great bit about that in Jenny's book about motherhood, or at least I assume there is, I haven't actually read the book, but breasts leaking milk at inopportune times seems exactly like the kind of thing she would have included in this tome).

Christopher Hitchens has an interesting piece regarding all this mess, he seems to think it's a Mary McCarthy that's at the center of all this, I'm not sure, I think he's slightly confused.

And you didn't think I'd complete this post without a gratuitous photo of Jenny McCarthy did you (now which non-nude Jenny cheesecake shot to choose from?)

(I'm not buying Jenny's denial, clearly in the above photo, she's leaking, time for that special counsel afterall)

(On a seperate tangent, here's a fascinatingly ridiculous bit of Roland Barthes inspired critical theory mumbo jumbo regarding the semiotics of the differing ad campaigns employed by Candies that featured Jenny on a toilet. And yes, I'm ashamed that I immediately recognized the crap at the link as semiotics, even if she hadn't invoked the name of Barthes. And if you thought her stuff was ridiculous, you'd have to pay me a lot of money to post the essay I wrote for a Crit Theory/Film and Visual Cultures - Film and Gender course regarding the ad campaign for Life or Something Like It)

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