28 April 2006

Maybe I'll Change My Mind About the Whole Subject

The above photo accompanied this article titled (scare quotes mine) "Latin" Hollywood actors back immigrant boycott.

The AFP (they're French, so you know they must know what's best) article makes a vague reference to the fact that the protest is scheduled to coincide with International Commie Pinko Scum Holiday Day (a photo series from back in the day Life magazine, the captions are nearly all glowing and positive about the Soviet Union, it's enough to make me puke)

May 1 is not a holiday in the United States, where Labor Day is celebrated in September.

Salma makes a persuasive argument (ok I lie, but like AFP, I'm always open to finding any excuse to post pictures of her glowing face and luscious frame, funny that they don't include any photos of him for the article), in its entirety here's what they mention of her

Hayek, who is Mexican, said she knows herself what it means to "open a path" in the United States, as she told the Mexican press.

Before departing on a European promotional tour, Hayek was considering how she could support the May 1 boycott, a source close to the actress said.

Here are some more persuasive arguments from Ms. Hayek below ('borrowed' from leninimports.com (where they liberated the images from, I don't know))


reader_iam said...

She's a beauty, all right. I'm not into women myself, but if I were ... .

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Thank goodness you left off the "Freda" photos with the uni-brow!