20 April 2006


Hugh Hewitt has a post regarding the suspension of a blog at the LATimes (Patterico is all over this story (in nearly obsessive detail)) (oops, missed a second right parenthesis there, now added, another 'An Army of Editors' moment) and is most likely responsible for the suspension of Hiltzik's blog. Hiltzik's (unintentionally humorous) response is here, the LATimes post regarding the suspension, here.

Seems Michael Hiltzik has been posting responses under pseudonyms to his own stories.

That's just plain stupid.

Even though I blog anonymously, I blog consistently. Anywhere I comment, I'll comment under a unified identity as XWL with a link to this blog if possible. Commenting as other folks on your own site is especially window-lickerish (or is that window-licorice?, sounds like a yummy new candy).

(an exception being at WoW sites where I'll usually comment under my main character's identity, so as to make locating me in that world easier, and since I haven't played that game since February, it's not really an issue. When the expansion pack is released maybe I'll return, maybe not)

To do otherwise would be unethical.

And speaking of unethical, there have been some folks (see Vodkapundit's response, and Michelle Malkin's) at Indymedia going around posting what they think are the addresses of famous right of center and libertarian bloggers in retaliation to Michelle Malkin's republishing previously published contact information for UC Santa Cruz Students Against War leaders.

Stephen Green at Vodkapundit has the right attitude, "Our "reality based thinkers" are looking more and more like brownshirts in clown shoes.", firstly, big deal, secondly, it may not be wise to be trying to intimidate those more likely to fully embrace the 2nd Amendment in this fashion.


Pooh said...

A singularly stupid reaction by IndyMedia...tu quoque isn't neccesarily a powerful response, but you still don't go out of your way to hand that hammer to someone. [and need I really mention, oh yeah, it's wrong]

BTW, I'm still waiting for you to close the parenthetical...it's like you failed to close an HTML tag...IN MY BRAIN...

Icepick said...

I have thought about creating other accounts, and having them all argue with me at my blog. Perhaps even let them blog there as well. But I'd be doing it as a joke, and somewhere I'd make that info available. Somehow doing it 'for real' seems wrong. But I need to think about this when I'm actually awake.

XWL said...

I agree, as a joke, and a form of meta-narrative, it might be a useful and potentially humorous tool.

Certainly all epistolatory novels are essentially constructed in that format where a single author is assuming a multitude of voices (my favorite being The Key by Tanazaki, it's duelling diaries in that case, so possibly not techniquely epistlotary, but still very worth reading) to create a structure that's hard to match without that trick.

But to do so on your blog just to puff up your argument or tear down an argument you don't agree with is just plain stupid.

(and I fixed the parenthesis in the original post

reader_iam said...

This is making me think of Ian Hunter.

reader_iam said...

What a bizarre thing to do!

Here's my pledge to you: I promise to use my one-and-only pseudonym, no matter where I make an ass of myself or how I do so.

Well, except in real life, where I reserve the right to do so using the name my parents gave me.

vh: swupgbaz

Haven't a clue, but it seems like something that should relate, somehow.