26 April 2006

I'll "Internalize" This Post and Claim it for My Own in a Few Months

Stephen Green at Vodkapundit delivers a list of great songs, one for each year he's been around, it's a good concept, and placing the limit of one song per artist does add to the diversity.

But, I think it wouldn't be difficult to do a lot better as far which songs make the list (and in the comments clearly many people think so, too).

Something like this is necessarily idiosyncratic, personal, and debatable.

Maybe I'll get around to doing something similar come time for my own 37th Birthday.

That'd be a tough edit though, to just pick one per year, and to pick just one Prince song, or one Me'Shell NdegeOcello song, or one Maria McKee song, or one NoMeansNo song, or one Raffi song, like I said, a tough edit.

1 comment:

Pooh said...

That;s actually a pretty quality list..."Closer" is particularly spot on. And no, I won't share...