25 April 2006

Great Moments in Other Blogs' Comments (another installation in an irregular feature)

Regarding this post by Eugene Volokh where Judge Reinhardt was for a less fetered free speech in public schools before he was against it, one comment stands above all others:

Ross Levatter (mail):
I think the degrading comments about Judge Reinhardt are uncalled for. He is an EXCELLENT actor. (I especially liked his role in the Beverly Hills Cop series...)
4.25.2006 2:36am

And aren't you hearing that classic tune from the great Harold Faltermeyer about now?

(here is the Crazy Frog version video to jog your memory)

(also, please note for anyone who still harbors illusions that Europe is superior to the good ol' U S of A, that version of the song was number one in 7 European nations!!)

(And Judge was good in the Cop pictures, but I'll remember him best as the wanker from Fast Times, and not really for his wanking so much as who he was wanking to (or would it be better grammatically to say, 'to whom he was wanking'?)

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