27 April 2006

And In the Ensuing Nested Insularity of the Self Referential Nature of the Act, The World Implodes and Becomes a Singularity

If Fisk, Fisks Fisk, would the world implode? (Wiki on Fisking, here)

It would seem not. Though it may be that the implosive force of Fisk admininstering a self-fisking requires as a detonation trigger the self awareness on Fisk's part that he is actually engaged in fisking himself. It's possible that the gods have installed a safety device in Robert Fisks brain that prevents him from ever being self aware of his own stupidity so that the world ending implosion of self-referentiality can never obtain critical mass.

But the Instapundit post (whose language I stole) (and the Corner's take as well, which hat tips Tim Blair without a link, for shame folks, and it seems that this site got the ball rolling, and indicates that the linked interview was given by a reliably lefty presenter, so Fisk was sold out by his own kind) is sufficiently devastating, anyway (even if Fisk is beyond ever realizing it).

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