19 February 2006

You Ain't Wrong (Week Ending 19 February 2006)

Another week, another compilation of aintwrongitude.

Dr. Helen, She Ain't Wrong, when it comes to this case, should the facts as presented be the true facts of this case (not a given), then this woman has committed a serious crime that should be treated like a felony, and she should enjoy a lengthy stay in jail (minimum of 7 years in my opinion). Another example of her fighting the good fight against the fight on masculinity (I refrained from calling her a warrior in a war, which I think she took exception to last time). And Jeff at Protein Wisdom wasn't wrong for bringing this case up either, but he has a penis so his opinion doesn't count on this matter.

Prof. Kieran Healy, He Ain't Wrong, over at Crooked Timber he decries the attempt by some Arizona Legislatures to create an 'offense' free collegiate atmosphere. As someone who sat through gay porn (showing everything, even the 'pop' shot) in an English class, I say occaisonally being offended is good for students. And plenty of people on the right think this is nuts, too. (but how often will I get a chance to tell someone at Crooked Timber that they ain't wrong?) (and as an aside, both these professors seem to be rather animated lately, and you can be too, at this site). As an aside, this is an example of social conservatives using the rhetoric and techniques pioneered by the left. Previous example, the ultra-feminist, ultra-religious convergence on anti-pornography crusades (both those groups probably suffered from too little stimulation rather than too much, if you catch my drift).

Prof. Ann Althouse, She Ain't Wrong, when it comes to wondering about the tactics employed by the ever persuasive folks on the left side of the blogosphere (and to prove her point, the comment thread enters a death spiral of the usual sort of nastiness, though Armando himself behaves quite well). Purity movements (which the left often resembles, How Dare You Chris Matthews, How Dare You Sen. Lieberman, How Dare You --- fill in the blank with the outrageously not lefty enough persona of the day) always end badly.

Tammy Bruce, She Ain't Wrong, when it comes to not allowing women compete in ski-jumping during the Winter Olympics. This is just plain silly (and the Instapundit agrees). And the people saying that women don't have the 'structure' to do this safely, have they looked at the spindly men competing in the Nordic Combined? (since they also cross country ski they tend to have very slender builds, one might suspect these gentleman aren't any safer jumping then an athletic woman of average build)

Pooh, He Ain't Wrong, or at least he's probably not wrong when it comes to the possibility that Vince Young might seriously suck in a Ryan Leaf sort of way. (Who's in the news recently as he was named QB coach(!?) at West Texas A&M)

Reader I Am, She Ain't Wrong, with this article (I call it an article, it's a post, but it's far more cogent and to the point than many published articles on the subject) on financial support of the Palestinian Authority, it's chock full o' aintwrongness, read it, (try not to weep).

Lastly, but not leastly, Victoria, She Ain't Wrong, highlighting the Olympic Spirit over medal counts. Who cares which country nabs the most medals, what matters are the competitions, the competitors and their hearts.

So that was the week that was in aintwrongination. There's much I missed (as always) and I can't not mention again my gratitude towards Ms. Bruce for her gracious inclusion of this humble blog in her blogroll post. And also there's plenty of plainwrongness out there that I'll leave alone (ok maybe two quick plainwrong links for your perusal, without comment from me, one, two, there, read them? good, I'm done).

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