18 February 2006

Woohoo ParTAY!!

Upcoming at UCR

“E-Week is the celebration of technology and the profound impact it has had on every aspect of our lives,” said computer and electrical engineering double-major, Megan Nix, Chair of the COE Leadership Council. “Many are not aware of what engineers do every day, and this week gives them an opportunity to glimpse the excitement, wonder, and innovation that makes engineering such a rewarding and valuable profession. We welcome all to join the student organizations of the Bourns College of Engineering as we host a week full of engineering fun and activities.”

All E-Week events, except the Dean's Reception, are free and open to the public. The Dean’s Reception is limited to college of engineering students, faculty, and staff. Parking on campus is $6 per day.
If that don't sound like a party, I don't know what does. They know how to get down in the I.E. (and no, living there two years during my time at that campus, never heard anyone call it 'the I.E.', nor should anyone ever do so, except in jest)

Now thing is, it sounds like I'm joking and poking fun, but actually, if I was out that way rather than on the westside, I'd be attending some of these events (and I was an English major, not a science geek). Science kicks ass, and don't you forget it. (also the younger you convince people this is true, the better, it might be nice in the future to have one or two engineers who aren't living in India or China).

It's a beautiful campus, and this time of year it's not hellishly hot, so go out and show the engineers some love.

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reader_iam said...

(and I was an English major, not a science geek)

Ah, but maybe you were supposed to be a science major! You obviously haven't stumbled upon the quiz yet ...

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